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Confirmed [44455] Bakers Hats Randomly get stuck on screen

Burger Meister Meister

Well-Known Member
Game version: v1.174-beta.7-(79087e8) - html5 (2023-04-17 22:56)
Game world: Beta
Browser/IOS/Android + version: Chrome
Operating System or Mobile Device: Windows 10
Screen resolution:2560x1440
Account name:Burger Meister Meister
Humans or Elves:Elves

2/5 (2/5 = happens randomly)

Quest title: Mama Juul's

Current situation:
__Clicking on the Event Bakers hat collects the points but the hat does not clear from screen
__Refreshing the browser clears the hat

Expected situation:
__Clicking on the Bakers Hat should collect points and clear the hat from the screen

Reproduction Steps
1.Leave the game in the background for a while on an inactive browser tab
2.Select the browser tab
3.Click on a Bakers Hat
4.Points from the hat are shown
5.Randomly, Hat does not clear from screen

Add more steps if needed. Include only ONE action for each step!

Screenshots of the bug:


  • stuck hats.png
    stuck hats.png
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It was in the first set of drops, on the first day. I have had no trouble since then. For me it was one of the locations high on the left side.


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Just got that bug. Collected 2 hats, seen floating numbers, but both are still laying on the ground.

Burger Meister Meister

Well-Known Member
Same here, was on the first day and on the left side. Hats on the right disappeared as expected. Was just the one hat on the left that caused problems


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how is your graphics quality? If it is on "high" try with an medium city graphic quality... because sometimes when you zoom with the browser, it can cause "shifts" between the area where you click and the "real" area. Also try with your browser's zoom at 100% if it is not.

I have no problems with a medium quality but i have also this problem with high quality.


Well-Known Member
That's not due to zoom or click area, as there are floating collected hats after you click on the hat first time.
In my case one stale hat was on left side (spot other than shown on screenshot in starting post) other - on right side.

Most likely the problem is in concurrent event processing, if hats are dropped while game window is inactive. After switching back to the game it gets a lot of events triggered with almost 0 delay. Probably hat spawning code is missing some locks and creates multiple hats at the same spot with only one "collect" handler.
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Alternate reproduction steps:
1. open world map/spire/etc
2. leave it opened for a few hours. May be less, the key is to wait for the time event currency is dropped, if you (un)lucky enough that can happen within few minutes of playing tourney/spire. But if you wait for an hour+, that would 100% happen.
3. switch back to city
4. collect event currency
5. notice that event currency is both collected and still laying on the ground.
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Enevhar Aldarion

Well-Known Member
@Deadeye Jerry this bug has now made it to the Live servers, as the shovels for the current event are doing this. Collect a shovel and it goes away, then go to world map or research screen and return to the city screen, the shovel you just collected is back in the same place and cannot be interacted with at all and won't go away until you reload the game.

Deadeye Jerry

Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Neither the support team nor the dev team can reproduce it, it will be really helpful if you guys check if you are getting errors in the console.