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Confirmed [43481] Diamond amount reduced without explaination


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Today I mention a reduction of my diamond amount. I know that there was a bug reported. Now I'm unable to verify and confirm that this new amount is correct. Reduction by more than 3500 Diamonds based on yesterdays amount.

Can someone confirm this and explain in details how many diamonds are "corrected"

Thanks Brummi
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Same here, difference in diamonds between yesterday and now without spending them


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I am also missing diamonds. I currently have 0 diamonds, when I should have about 2.7k.
Pfff . What a mess. I had 450 which were saved for the spire, now 0. I ´m stuck on 2nd lvl of the spire for the rest of week.


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I very much hope this issue can be resolved before the Spire closes. We will update you here as soon as we are able to
I never spent any diamonds and went from 1400 to 855 diamonds what the? Did you redo the early chapters story quests and reduced diamonds.

Amy Steele

Forum/QA Moderator
Elvenar Team
We are still looking into this issue. For now we have no further information for you. Please bear with us. As this has happened outside office hours, it may unfortunately take some time before we can resolve it.