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  1. Discussion We need your help: Name the ingredients!

    1: Threeball 2: Beetshell 3: Chocosnail 4: Roseleaf 5: Buegg 6: Tobee 7: Jellybrain 8: Trumgue 9: Pistacheye 10: Onleaf 11: Cottonball 12: Earkid
  2. Discussion We need your help: Name the ingredients!

    Estimated date for this new upcoming feature to be implemented?
  3. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    It was also reported back in April in ES forum FA: Trophy Buildings - Text error EDIT: and also in BETA forum, early June Fellowship Adventures: Trophy Buildings
  4. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Thanks @Jackluyt , that does work for me
  5. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Link does not work for me , nor are the images shown.
  6. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    What are the Chest prizes?
  7. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Not sure if this has been stated before elsewhere but, before we had 2 FA per 2 events, with 2 artifacts each (4 artifacts total), now we have 1 FA per 2 events with 2 kits in total. Makes sense to adjust the prizes in the chests, maybe 0/2/2 (first chest / second chest / third chest) or...
  8. Wiki Fellowship Adventures: Trophy Buildings

    FA: Trophy Buildings Still showing old prizes, not updated.
  9. Undocumented changes

    But disappears if upgraded
  10. Not a Bug Error in VV of Lava Codex recipe (Crafting)

    But... it does not make much sense that ALL codex and ALL Frozen Flames are 9VV but Lava Codex that is 5VV, does it? All of them using the same cost for the recipe
  11. Discussion Release Notes version 1.154

    Thanks @Marindor, any information about the Endless Scroll issue?
  12. Undocumented changes

    Seems it also has been modified in Live servers (changed with v1.153?)
  13. Most Effective builds for a Goods-city and a Military-city?

    100% caterer, both Tournament and Spire Spire is costly, but Tournament..., I can not compare with my comrades that battle... Main issues are Orcs, Mana and Seeds. Products can be instant manufactured with enough time instants and Sentients can be reduced with maxed Simia, but the above 3...
  14. Most Effective builds for a Goods-city and a Military-city?

    I am in chapter 18 , 100% caterer, and I am not doing 20 provinces 6stars every week.... Most points I have done in last monts were 3540 pts in January for 6 weeks, before dropping to around 2.2k