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Fixed wrong collect in FA


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I am one of the rare people that like FA !! but this one is too soon, but shrugged it off ….
But to lose approximately 50 badges like this .. then realise we are back to about 20 clicks to do a kp swap thread is just so backwards
Enough to make me just give up !!
my main target in the game on live server is to improve my city for the next fa , if not solved for live , no interest to continue on this game

(for this FA on beta , it's ruined , better to stop and restart beginnig of next year or cancel it )


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We are 1st in FA on EN server for both Felyndral and Arendyll
Just told my teams we are striking if not solved for live


I swept my city this morning, did 11 tournament rounds and 7 spire rounds, collected 26 vision vapor, 2+ weeks worth of CCs and enchantments from my MA, spent 90kp on wonders and used 20 enchantments I only got ONE BADGE for each thing. Plus I got 2 mystery chests with CCs in spire and ALL those enchantments in the tournament and none counted. They need to stop the FA, reset, and restart once they fix the bug.

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badges não estão acumulando

Please remember, English language only on the forum, thank you!
Translation: badges are not accumulating
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It seems that the old style of badge collection is back. That we have to pick up everything again 1 at 1


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It is actually hard for me to believe that this switch back to the old behavior is NOT intentional.
No established software company could do such a bad job on testing a release or they would have seen this themselves.


Game version: v1.166-beta.10-(08c23c8) - html5 (2022-12-14 18:56)
Game world: Beta
Browser/IOS/Android + version: Browser - firefox 102.5.0esr
Operating System or Mobile Device: Windows 10
Screen resolution: 1920x1080
Account name:[/B] owl76
Humans or Elves: Humans


Current situation:
Collect lots of an item for a FA badge and get one badge

Expected situation:
Collect lots of an item for a FA badge and get multiple badges

Reproduction Steps:
1. Collect more coins than required for two badges
2. Only able to get one badge

Screenshots of the bug:
I have a similar problem to the above.


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The update a few minutes ago has fixed the collection issue.