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Implemented [World Map] Push Workshops/Manufacturies


Are there any plans to add the ability for neighbors to boost individual workshops/manufactories as well as the Main Hall, Builder & culture objects? Similar to the ability to Motivate/Polish in FoE as an example.


Not sure if that will ever happen, since one of your goods is already boosted, and you have to use that good to trade for the other 2 goods in the same tier. As for worskshop boosts, they're boosted by culture bonus, so try to keep it as high as possible.


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I've set the prefix of this thread to "City", as all the other ideas concerning the aiding of buildings have that prefix as well. :)


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Elvenar Team
We have the Neighbourly Help system now, which kind of does the same by helping to boost culture, which in turn gives higher outcomes on workshops and residences. We could say this idea has been implemented :)