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Not a Bug world map not displaying correctly


When I try to open the world map I get a dark screen with a couple of un-opened provinces along the edges and nothing in the middle


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I am now not even able to get into the game, so I cannot obtain the information needed to fill out the form. I am able to get to the log in screen. When I log in I get the welcome screen. When I click Beta1 I get to the splash screen with the picture of the 10 evolutions. At the bottom of that screen, in the progress bar is one of the two following messages displayed.
Render Config JSON not found or Server error.

Since I am having the identical problem on the US server, I have already cleared my cache and deleted cookies in both IE and Microsoft Edge. I have also cleared my Flash Cache.

BTW I now play the game exclusively on Edge because the game doesn't work well in IE. Just to make sure the problem was not browser relates, I tried playing on both IS and Edge. I got the same error messages on both browsers.


Thank you all for the help. I restarted my computer (after taking all the steps to correct the situation) and am now able to get into the game. I guess I should have thought of that earlier.