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Discussion Winter Magic 2021


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Love that they increased pop/cult x2 for winter building. Wish it was done with May Tree/Coldfire Phoenix too as they have 2x lower pop/cult than other evolving buildings for no reason. But that's just a mention. I think it's best winter event since 4 years of me playing.


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They cut it by over 60% and then upped it by 100%. Standard sales trick.

That's why you should always voice your concern if building is too weak, and after 60% nerf it was even weaker than Coldfire.
Better 6k+ than 3k in chapter 19. Now it's comparable with other buildings unlike Coldfire/Tree.


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There is a good description of all Winter Magic event modules in the Wiki - so the event must be near!


A full record of the event to date in Beta is available in this Google Doc:
You are welcome to share our notes with friends and fellowship.


Is it just me, or did they arbitrarily turn the 75 total quests to 99, thus making getting the Goddess of Wishes very, very difficult? That's what I go for in my main city, I don't have room for all of the event buildings and since it's getting impossible to get all of the evolves, not interested. Yes, I know, you can get the occasional evolve in the crafting, but you need blueprints, and those are not obtainable for me in my main account, since you have to get 10 or more chests, a very difficult task even in a good fellowship. I agree with those who are stymied because they simply can't do the task because they aren't advanced enough, very frustrating. Obtaining rewards like the Quest buildings is easier than in the last Event, which isn't saying much. Again, artwork is excellent, imaginative and fun, but I hate winter, having spent my first 25 years in Minnesota, and I hope to NEVER see snow again. Except in the far distance on the tops of the Sierras, we need the snowpack because the state is out of water.


To me in chapter 2 I get an option to make 1 Combining Catalyst.
Yay, I just placed the building and it takes me 19:30 hours to complete.
Am I happy with this quest?

It is things like this that would drive a new player away with a hole in someone's map in a few weeks.
I've found that making as many time spells as I can works for me in my main account. I'm not working very hard in this one, because I don't want to get burned out. We had a discussion about game burnout when you have more than one city and try to make them all 'competitive'
Wondering about the key (event points) in the Winter Magic event? Don't we normally get one more reward per quest completed? I'm on quest 58 and am still getting 34 keys. Usually the last quest in an event (no. 75) offers about 70 event rewards.
I just noticed I need 99 to finish. Impossible on this account, will probably not be able to do it even on my main account. So we have MORE taskes and LESS keys! Inflation, anyone?


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Totally fed up with this event now. So many quests to solve encounters & scout provinces. My scout takes 88.5 hours, so I'm stuffed now as waiting to get 2 more encounters to complete one quest. There are so many other possibilities for varying the quests but over and over it the same ones. Perhaps one of the prizes could be a free scout? I think many players would appreciate that.

First we are told dont overscout, then events force scouting. Why isnt there an alternative to this quest as with others?

Also sick of seeing Ghosts of present,past,future and the Elvenade brewery, there seems to be very little variation in prizes.
The winter event is one of my favs, but sadly not this year. I know you cant pls everyone & I don't expect that. Just disappointed :(


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So, trying to do the math. How many keys did we start with? I'm pretty sure I'll be getting owl portrait. And I was quest locked with 11 days left, but I'm only on chapter 10.
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Okay, my numbers. I'm getting 3264 keys from quests. 900 from the daily login. 100 to start with and 300 from questline prizes. That gives us 4564. That amount of keys would get you 182 presents. Then using the double feature for 17 uncovered prizes would get you 10 more presents(from here on out I'm using assumption that you use double feature asap) giving you 192 presents giving you 7 upgrades.

Now comes the variable of how many keys can you collect around your city daily. I'm going with three examples of 25, 30 and 35 per day.
25 per day gives 5314 keys for 212 gifts revealed plus 12 doubles giving 224 presents. 8 upgrades
30 per day gives 5464 keys for 218 gifts revealed plus 12 doubles giving 230 presents. 8 upgrades
35 per day gives 5614 keys for 224 gives revealed plus 13 doubles giving 237 presents. 8 upgrades.

This leads to strategy on how to get most presents. There are usually a couple of x2 presents squares per day. Plus around 5 days of x4 presents and seems like one x5 and one x3 present day. So the range of 5314-5614 keys gives you an average of 7.08-7.48 reveals per day. For most presents I believe you have to get at least one of the x2 per day and must get all the x4 ones. Using 7 reveals a day "should" get you one x2 per day. Some days you may get it on the first or second reveal. Stop there and save up for days with the ones over x2. If it takes 9 or 10 tries to get the x2 you may want to go ahead and get that second x2. Using this strategy if it was just a double a day then an extra 30 presents. Making sure you get all the x4 would up that to 40 presents. Possible days you get 2 of the x2 and it can be up to 45.

Doing this would mean:
25 per day gets 264-269. All 9 upgrades
30 per day gets 270-275. All 9 upgrades
35 per day gets 277-282. All 9 upgrades and maybe new portrait.

Bor de Wolf 1965

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Are the events even aimed at those players? Wouldn't a once-a-day player be lucky to even complete half the quests?
I think it might be doable.
Taking my self as an example, I log in when I am a wake and log out when I go to sleep and in the mean time I keep playing.
So technically I am a one time a day player, that the time I play is 12h or more is an other story. :eek:


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well to be fair all u need is to get 7 artefacts and then do FSA for the last 2 you need , or just get 8 artefacts and then 1 from the FSA

Enevhar Aldarion

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Umm I'm a once a day player and have completed every event I've seen. :oops:
Especially the last ~6 events have basically completed themselves.

Like Bor said above, logging in once and staying logged in for several hours does not count. A typical once-a-day player is a casual who maybe stays in the game for a half an hour to collect and reset production and make a few visits.


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Like Bor said above, logging in once and staying logged in for several hours does not count. A typical once-a-day player is a casual who maybe stays in the game for a half an hour to collect and reset production and make a few visits.
On day 1 of an event I spend some time online, and every 2 weeks I also spend 2 days doing spire&tournament for under 30m.
other than that I'm once a day for 5m the other ~25 days per month. Rarely, if the event prize really interests me and RL has boring downtime I might log in a second time for 60 seconds to pickup droppings around my city, but that hasn't happened since last winter.