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Why didn't they use Tournements to help fix Neighborhood?


I played tournaments to the first time today, and duh!, talk about obvious....

Why didn't they structure Tournaments to suit the environment? All they needed to do was make all the encounters of one Province level of equal difficulty - not increasing difficulty per distance.

Like most of you, I have few active neighbors. There are some active neighbors out in the area of my 10th Province number...and some others around my 5th number...and none around my 1st through 4th number.

If the encounters were of equal value per level, I could opt to play where I have active neighbors - and my enthusiasm for the Tournament would increase significantly. Instead, I can only afford to play through on Provinces where I have no neighbors.

Why give us the option to play each province to different levels if they didn't intend for us to be able to make use of the feature? Or, if they were going to insist that the numbers have to be of increasing difficulty, they could at least have allowed us to pick and choose from all the tournaments available, rather than unlocking them one by one.

Inno's inflexibility and utter inability to appropriately respond to this neighborhood debacle should be a casebook study of FAILURES to AVOID for every CS student.

- Failed to properly conceptualize, due to failure to engage in a simple probability range of player retention
- Domino fail on above, since it seems apparent that this neighborhood strategy is so fundamental that they can't implement any subsequent corrections
- Continued failing, in that subsequent features released still rely upon the failed initial assumption.​


Elvenar Team
We are working on improvements on the distribution of new players and are also actively looking into other solutions for the "empty areas" on the world map, as Timon also shared in the last last episode of InnoGames TV as well. Unfortunately we cannot yet share details about what exactly these changes will be (as they are still in development and it is uncertain at this point if every single idea would be achievable). But, rest assured - we are aware of this problem, and we are working on tackling it. :)


Owners are aware of this problem for 1.5 years. Do you see a problem here? ;) Saying again "We know about and work to fix that" is simply a little bit funny after such time. You can say that after few weeks and in such case it could be to understand, but with current speed we will see solution after, I think, 3-4 years :D