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Whiskers of the Past


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Hello Beta-Community, there is another event coming up. :)

*** I would like to start a Discussion and Feedback-Thread in this god old forum.

Everybody is very welcome to share event-experiences and questions of any kind here!

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official announcement:

Deadeye Jerry - Beta CM05/06/2024 at 9:36 AM​

Hi everyone! We have a new Event coming up!

Whiskers of the Past - On Beta from May 13th​

Beneath the cold hard earth, the Amuni uncover secrets long buried. Their relentless excavation brings to light treasures unseen, attracting souls full of mischief and greed. Among these are three goblin brothers, infamous in Elvenar for their cunning thievery, who believe fate has smiled upon them with the discovery of a colossal gem amidst the sand. The brightest of the trio, driven by a hunch, places the gem into an ominous empty slot. Instead, he finds the key to awakening an ancient cat mummy from its eternal slumber, unveiling a story far greater than any treasure. Join Barchanni and his people as they meet with this mysterious being to uncover a past woven with magic, guardianship, and divine whims. As the sands of time shift, nothing remains hidden forever.

Main Prize: A switchable evo building, Purring Sanctum​

The building produces Culture, Population, and Units, Ascended Goods, Relics or Time Booster depending on the building's level.

A new expiring building that boosts the Settlement Productions!​

The building Perfect Planning Solutions produces Culture and has Expiring Effect: Boosts the production of settlement buildings This event will also feature the Leagues system and the Royal Prize Pass. We're happy to hear your feedback in the dedicated channel ⁠[link removed] and you can discuss about the event in ⁠whiskers-of-the-past. Bugs can be reported in the ⁠[link removed] as always! Thank you for your help and interest in beta Kind regards, Your Elvenar Team


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If you got one, don't forget to feed your Ashen Phoenix before you start your event! ;)

Mine is still hungry, I am lurking for pet food at the moment.
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Yay, I just could catch the first Daily Exclusive, The Feline Feastery, and directly placed it in my city.


I didn't check the buildings on idavis but I was hoping to get some mana-producing ones like this.

I'm in the Elementals chapter on beta now and still got some old buildings from chapter 10. :D


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Browser - logout and back in
Mobile - log in on browser or wait until Friday or maybe Monday


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Hello again :)

Unfortunately TimeMachine didn't had enough time to visit Elvenar the last days! There was definetly too much to do in real life.

I just updated my Purring Sanctum to Stage 2 and recognized that little Goblin who is trying to mount a diamond into one of the statues but doesn't succeed because it is to heavy.
I must admit that this little Goblin reminds me of myself somehow. ;)



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Just made it to Stage 5.


I really like this evolving building. This one is definitely loving details! Very nice!

I was very surprised when the Questgiver changed as Amun the V. awoke. Makes the whole story more alive. :)



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Or, that the goblin cat toys are notorious thieves, released in Amun's vicinity. I hope she really plays with her food, seeing as those little b*****s stole an Armory from me in one city, and a Fire Phoenix in another!!