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Welcome to the Battle Help forum!


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Hi everyone!

As you requested, we hereby present you our "Battle Help" forum. Please use this forum to post your questions regarding battles and help each other out! You can post your Battle Guides here, or make threads for specific help on battles. This way we can help each other understand the new battle system as good as possible and become more skilled and have better results!

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Your Elvenar Beta Team


Doesn't look Like there's any instruction here at all, or were you just waiting for this question?

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@lehayes this is for players to post any helpful battle tips that they find to help other players


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lovely topic :) i think the point was to help out with the battle rebalancing, but the rebalancing took so long (its still going on since we still dont have all 3 star units) that almost everyone gave up on combat and switched to autocombat.
I'd be interested to see how manual/auto battle evolved since the introduction of combat rebalancing :)