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Wanted! Active Player for Shards of Hope!


I am looking for an active player to join our active fellowship. We have 1 spot open for an active player who wants to get the best out of the game to help us achieve our new aim which, now we are a top 3 FS, is to stay there and push for 2nd.

Our main rules are to make minimum 5 visits per week and attain at least 2000 growth points per month, and we usually get around 20 visits per day. We encourage inter FS trading and AW clubs and have quite a busy chat channel if you like to have a natter. We have completed the 10th chest numerous times now and have a minimum 750 points for a normal tournament target and we have several big push tournaments for the 10th chest with a minimum of 1500 points.

We ranked 3rd in the FS adventure and would have stayed 2nd had our green and orange node routes not bugged.

If you are interested and you feel you can bring something to our friendly fellowship then please contact myself or any of the mages.
Sara :)