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Undocumented changes


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Dwarf, Fairy and Orc roads do  not cost us settlement goods. Thanks ever so much for the warning, do you know how many weeks I have wasted, errr I mean spent, making sure that I would have enough?

Reina del mar

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To have the potions brewed? Not so sure. I have boost on provisions which as I recall was available only on Sundays.


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Both are available at the same timeframe, but you need to brew potion first to be able to improve effects

Amy Steele

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Elvenar Team
Also cauldron is available for brewing today? On main account not, but on the small one:
Cauldron is available Sunday to Friday inclusive. The only day it's not available is Saturday, when the Sorceress takes a walk in the woods to gather fresh ingredients. From Sunday, you can brew your potion any day up until the end of Friday. After you have brewed your potion you can enter the study room to improve the effects of your next potion.

You can find more details about the Cauldron on our wiki