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Spire UI - Show zero scores in Spire and Tournament

Are you in favor of this idea?

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Add zero scores to the tournament and show players who have not started the spire at the bottom.

It is a lot of work to figure out who is missing.

Possible downsides
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Yogi Dave

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What? You want to pressure people to participate? Many FSs have a rule about participating, many don't. Yes, it sounds nice and I've wanted to know who hasn't joined in at times, but overall it doesn't sound like it would be kind to the FS. It sounds more like it would be a humiliation tool. I know many will disagree with my point of view. I'm just offering it as a potential point of view from some FS members, not the recorders.


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it's not a pressure at all. Archmages do not have any tool to check anything in this game. If someone is missing (tourny, Spire or FA), they have to check it manually and believe me it's zero fun in that. Also, if wasn't for Elvenstats, even the growth would be checked manually. Add these "tools" to AM and all would be peachy :D
@Yogi Dave - if it's a tool, it could be visible only for AM and M, so no pressure on fellows.
@Marindor - can he have a poll for this idea, pls?

Yogi Dave

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I do agree AM tools are lacking and would be nice. Tracking visits has been mentioned many times. There are people who chase gold hands or only visit some of the members. So you need to have multiple unknown trackers if your FS has a visits requirement, but that doesn't cover the people who skip someone because they don't like them.

Agree it's a drag to figure out who has been in the tourney while it is going on, but I don't know why that is needed. We just look at the end of it, usually getting the data from ElvenStats' weekly report. Copy, paste, sort and put in the spreadsheet where we keep averages and individual best scores. Of course, there are times Stats isn't working.

I just don't like the idea of having the zeros sitting in the list. Just my feelings. I'm sure many people won't mind. What I do think is missing is a tab for the FS dialog for spire scores. As it is, a gold spire FS has to have someone monitor the spire just before it closes or the correct info is lost.


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Nowadays you can already see the individual Spire progress in the Spire timeline. Does that make this idea redundant?

Enevhar Aldarion

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Nowadays you can already see the individual Spire progress in the Spire timeline. Does that make this idea redundant?

No, that only shows who has entered the Spire and completed at least one encounter. You still can't just glance at the tourney or Spire and see a list of everyone at zero points/the bottom/not participating yet.

There was a more recent suggestion for this on the US forum, but I can't remember if it was forwarded or not.
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I've ended up with self-updating google sheet that tracks tourney/spire history for my FS + updates the current week's column whenever my game receive updated data.
But it would be very nice to see such things ingame.