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Other Training


I would like to be able to have all 5 slots of training going on in the barracks, training grounds & mercenary camps at the same time, in order words I would not I have to choose between training troops from the barracks or the training grounds or the mercenary camp, especially when I am real low on all of them from fighting so much with the tourney, spire.if you are small you have to use your goods when trying to get provinces for an expansion as you just don't have enough troops. I think it would make it much easier to have troops to fight with if we could do that. especially since we have the tourney, spire & the provinces for our expansions going at the same time. It would really make it a lot easier on the starting or small cities, cause we are all ways running out of troops or having to choose where to use our troops, as we don't have enough goods yet to use them instead of troops, as you have to have a large city in order to use goods in tourney because when you are small you don't have enough troops to fight to get the provinces & you have to use goods so I think it would be a win, win ideal. I have 2 small cities 1 in W world & 1 that is in beta then 1 Large city in C world.
Thanks Lyinaral


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Have been discussed a lot.
Running out of troops would still be there. if they give us x3 queues, they would also take away x3 troops in fights. As result, small cities would suffer much more than now due to not upgraded units types, increased space/pop/culture used by additional barracks, and missing AWs to speed them up.


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BIG NO; adjust your city with the right wonders to 'solve' your problem.
and what karvest said.