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Training Grounds


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Hello everyone :)

I asked myself if (when I have barracks) still need training grounds when you only can train 5 units at the same time.
Will I need them one day, like at a further chapter you will be able to train more than 5 units at the same time? :)

Thank you for all help! ;)
Kind regards

Yogi Dave

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The queue for training will always be limited to 5 stacks. So it becomes a choice of which troops you want to train now.

Some people just build the barracks. However, the troops from the training grounds become important, as @PrimroseSylvia said, since they are specialist against one of the troops they are boosted in. For example, the dogs are great against mages, although the 1 star dogs, in my experience are pretty poor. The training times for units in the training grounds take more time than the barracks, so they are good choices for overnight or while at work. As your city grows, you will probably find the troops from the training ground useful in many situations.

Lovec Krys

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@HisaRose It depends...
Where are you in the tech tree, it varies for chapters (different stars on different troops).
How many point are you aiming for.
For someone doing under 1k points anything else apart Barracks is just a waste of time.
If you're aiming mostly for 1-2k points having only Barracks is still ok, especialy if you have and feed Fire Phoenix.
The higher points you aim, the more you need. When aiming for big numbers of points, Ground & Camp becomes more or less necesary (with some exceptions - some players simply plays without them) as well as Fire Phoenix and Wonder support, Brown bears efficiently used are also very usefull (especialy fo those who aims for top tournament positions) and temporary support buildings from crafting can also very help.

From my point of view (in my main city finishing Elvenars in upcoming weeks) in Training grounds I train mainly Dryads (goods against heavy or heavy mixed with light ranged units without (or with very few) light melee/heavy ranged) & Orcs Strategist (good against light archers or light melee/archers combinations), sometimes cerberoses, but less than in the past.

Camp becomes very usefull in a late game especialy if you use those units in a proper tournaments.

Since I'm near the end of tech tree, all my units are 3*.


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Hi @Lovec Krys,
Thank you for your answer. :)
I am in chapter 4 and I haven't that much buildings (mostly traveling merchants and Residences), I try to get the armory and barracks on maximum level to better fight in tournaments/province fights. That is the reason I ask, because when I build the training ground there is less space for armory.
I don't want to build something to early and waste space when it isn"t that useful yet


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Barracks units are better in early chapters, since they get their stars earlier.
Also you can't have enough KP to level up wonders that speedup production of all 3 military buildings at once, so IMHO it's better to stick with barracks+needles of the tempest until late chapters. (I'm still playing with only barracks in chapter 13, but already started leveling up wonder for mercenary camp to get it working hard for me at chapter 15 when all units from it get their 3*).


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Thank you for your answer @Karvest :)
I'll wait until a later chapter to build the training grounds and I'll get the needles. :)

Thank you very much everybody for your help :D
Kind regards


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It also depends on your race,and where you are in the tech tree.

Untill the end of chapter 10 Barracks + Needles
Chapter 10 Barracks + Needles and Mercenary Camp + flying academie, upgrade you flying academy untill it has the same level as your needles:
Interesting units: for human; Hunter, Frog (once the final powers are unlocked at the elvenar chapter), Elves: Flower Girl and Watcher. both as soon as 2* versions are unlocked. must haves.
Chapter 13: Training Grounds + victory springs, upgrade victory springs untill its level is the same as needles and flying academy
Interesting units: Both for elves and humans the dogs

Unfortunatly the only usuable unit for both races in the training grounds is the dog, it's an awesome unit. Orc Strategist is also an awesome units, unfortunatly it requires orcs to produce and that is a problem. its better to make them using the terrein of the orc strategist from the magic academy crafting recipe pool. you can craft these multiple times.

The Mercenary Camp is awesome, for elves very early in game and for humans very late in game.

Hunter: this unit at least matches the elves bow unit, and can be considered surpassing it once it reaches 3*. 4 moves works excellent in it's favour to always hit first. it massively better than the 3* crossbowman from the human arsenal.
Flower girl: The elves magic unit just sucks, at 1* this young lady is very flimsy, as a 2* unit it easily surpasses the elves unit, at 3* it's awesome, for humand this unit is pointless as it's priest is in most cases just better then this young lady.
Watcher: excellent unit expecially for elves, the no range from the treants are often a problem and lead to random losses if the terrein doesnt suit it's needs.
it's 1 range makes the outcome more predictable, the 3* version of this unit is on par with the human paladin making it a choice depending on the enemy, somtimes the paladin is better other times the watcher.
Frog: Nice niche unit for elves, there golems are already strong and powerfull, but there are matchups where this unit works wonderfull.
On the other hand this unit is a must have for humans, the 3* version of this unit (2* sucks) is exactly what humans need in there arsenal, there a lot easier to produce than the strategist, while packing a powerfull puch due there special power, its human counterpart totally sucks and is a horrible unit because it has the wrong 3* power, this unit fixes that problem. it's esentially a mortar but then with the correct power.


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Thank you @CrazyWizard for the detailed answer! :D
I am an elve and at the moment I am working to get the needles of the tempest. :)
I will use your advices to optimize my fighting situation. :)

Thank you very much for your effort of this very detailed answer! :)
I wish you a nice evening :)
Kind regards


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Im in chapter 15 now and fight in tournaments every week. I have only got the barracks and have found that plus needles and other fighting AWs have been more than enough for every tournament.