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Tournament Trophies


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Does anyone know anything about these new Tournament trophies?



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Based on the current game files, we should have tournament trophies, similarly to the current trophies from spire. As we are now receiving bronze trophies for 4, silver for 8 and golden for 12 spire milestones, we will be most likely receveiving trophies for reaching 5, 10 and more than 10 tournament chests (these are the current numbers). Not sure whether these new trophies are going to have any additional advantage for players..


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I am surprised that this feature took so long even though the tournaments were there in front of the tower.
Currently, you cannot show anyone that you are in a 10 box community. You have to go to Elvenstats to check it out or read what's in the guild description.

I can hardly imagine that this feature goes beyond that and offers top tournament players individual rewards, because INNO would exclude 90% of all others from winning these rewards ... or do you know, for example, a Chapter 6 city that can currently win a tournament or a trading town in any chapter?
There may be an additional guild reward possible, but I wouldn't bet on it.
From my point of view, the trophy will be the reward and nothing more.


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the french forum team gave a little info about them : it's only for bragging rights
There is also word of another "trophy", counting the overall spire milestones opened by a fellowship. Anyone heard about that?
And what happened to the sad trophy? you know, the one you would get if your fellowship participated in the spire but couldn't reach the bronze?


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I have seen the new report on multiple servers as well, but nowhere to find proper information about it.

Is it me who can't find the information?, or is it poor communication to annouce something without any information from there side?


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Here is a graphic of the new awards that you can share with fellowship members who do not play on Beta, if you like.