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The person below me...


Safe bet - yes although they are adults now.

The person below me loves chilli


Absolutely....as long as there are no beans in it. =)

The person below me has at least one tattoo....


Zero tattoos.

The person below me does not have any kind of stress.


;) Just at this moment, absolutely right:

sitting on the sofa, my kitten lying in my left hand, sleeping,
typing with right hand, while sun shines through window,
solving christmas-quests.

A free day, it hardly couldn´t be more relaxed.
In half an hour, I might remember, what´s real life, maybe^^

The person below me already knows all "winter magic" quests?
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I love Lord of the Rings movies, games, books and i'm reading lore recently

They person below me loves Halloween period :eek::eek::eek:

The Evenstar

Community Manager
Indian summers are just the best, those hazy days before the leaves start to change and the Autumnal colours abound!
The Person below me loves to create artistic things...


Hmmmm... Sometimes I can can get into the Halloween costume parties and sometimes seems like too much trouble. xD That said, before I moved I was invited to help put on a Halloween haunted house, and was very excited to do that (but something happened and it was cancelled for the one time before I moved)! The person below me loves dinner parties

Dorfl the Clay

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Yes! especially when I don't have to do the cooking..

The person below me loves theme parks with spectaculair roller coasters!

Amy Steele

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Elvenar Team
Oh no, that's definitely not me! (I can't stand heights!)

The person below me is excited for Christmas