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The Buried City


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Several years in the past a group of Amuni have travelled to Elvenar after being expelled from the Unur continent. After the time spent in this new land, the survivors have been building their small settlement trying to survive however they can and keep their way of living. Without the presence of their god queen, they face their attention towards their own kin to take the best from their new life. With time, the memories of the old goddess are forgotten and the small settlement only presents details that resemble their lost ancient culture.

During this event, the instability in the continent underground buries the small village, and only a young scout is capable of leaving the settlement. He wanders through the lands towards the closest city, looking for help to save his brothers and sisters.

Coming to the city tired and battered, he asks for an audience with the lord of that land. If you help him, you will uncover areas, and find smaller structures and old paintings in the walls that shows the existence of a powerful feline queen and how she ruled for several years in a drying land.

Between now and February 24th you can solve quests and search your city outskirts to gain Provisions, which you can trade for Shovels, Bottled Winds and Vacuum Vials to help you find your way through the Buried City.


Shovels will clear one patch of dirt at the time, while Bottled Wind clears an entire column from top to bottom, and throwing a Vacuum Vial will clear the dirt on all patches directly around you. Use your tools wisely, to make the most out of it. In the dirt patches around you, you can already see if there are any rewards, but the further you look, the thicker the dirt gets. You never know what may lie ahead...


Barchanni will also give you Provisions every day you log in, to help you in your mission. Each day you will be able to find new Daily Exclusive rewards in the Buried City, including brand new buildings, buildings that have returned from older events, and other exciting rewards. You will also find parts of Amuni Knowledge in the Buried City. If you find enough Amuni Knowledge, you will be able to acquire even more rewards, including new Artifacts to upgrade the Echoes of the Forgotten to its highest potential:


(4x4 Population + Culture and switchable productions depending on chapter and stage)

And as if those rewards weren't enough yet, at several points in the questline, you will also be rewarded with Milestone Rewards. Please keep in mind that the questline consists of a story section and additional episodic quests, which start as soon as the story is completed. This means that you will be able to finish the first series of quests right away, while later quests have new additions released on a daily basis, allowing you to continue to play 1 additional event quest on each new event day.

This event also contains a Royal Prize Pass option again, as well as a League System.

We wish you all the archaeologist skills you'll need while making your way through the Buried City and would love to hear your feedback in our discussion thread!

Enjoy the search,
Your Elvenar Team

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that there can always be differences in event layouts, balancing and prizes between Beta and Live release. App version 1.146 is required for the event to function properly. This app version is released separately from the event. In addition to that, please note that the final day of the event spans more than 24 hours, in order to not have the event end during the night (CET). That means the Daily Exclusive on February 24th is the final Daily Exclusive reward that is also available for some more hours in the morning (CET) of February 25th. No new event quest is added to the quest line on February 25th, the final Quest Milestone can be unlocked on February 24th.