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techtree; placement of researches


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I have found some oddity on the research tree;

It seems to me quite redundant and pointless to put 2 squad size upgrades back to back.

There is also a huge gap between this first one in the image, and the one before that. It took very long to get here, and by now I had been really struggling to be able to win battles for a while already. And even found myself unable to win certain battles for a while. Battles I needed to win for quests, so progress on quests got halted as well.

I would suggest moving the first one in the image above to a point earlier in the techtree, to make things a bit more balanced. Maybe above the advanced armory research. That would seem to give a good and more balanced techtree.
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Reminding the situation with those squad upgrades I would support the idea to find an earlier location for the first one.

Unfortunately there is a quest demanding to research both squad upgrades, this has to be adjusted somehow.


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Hmm, I didn't know there was a related quest. Like I mentioned, I've gotten stuck on quests due to not being able to win the battles I needed to win for the quests I had. But there being a related quest would mean it was made like this intentionally. I do still think that is a bad choice.