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Fixed [TECH-5848] Game Terminated Error

Enevhar Aldarion

Well-Known Member
Twice tonight, while trying to click on the flowers for the prizes, I have gotten this error. Current version of Chrome and Windows 10.

Screenshot (35).png


I can confirm the issue. However, it occurs not only when collecting prizes, but also when collecting goods and during the tournament (when you are on the tournament map).


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I was just in a fight in my tournament and I hope that isn't lost :eek:
I hope they will solve the problem today, otherwise we will not even be able to complete the tournament
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Active Member
Here I get now repetitively “there is something missing” , “internal error “ and “the server is not responding”.
iPad, latest app version.


Well-Known Member
Happend at many places to me, canceling running production, making trade offers, neighboor help, chatting, .....
Somewhere in the notification system?


Active Member
It seems to be really difficult to fix. I had several times, the picture: "Under Maintenance", but it is crashing again and again.


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My live cities seem to be ok, it's only happening for me in Beta. Can't stay online more than a few minutes.


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Same here, enter do something, crash, server not responding and back again in a loop with ever decreasing time constant


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Same problem here. Was thrown out at least ten times, but realy wanted everything going for the next three hours.