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Targaryen -The Original- are looking for a new member


Well-Known Member
our Fellowship is searching for an engaged „High Level Player“, to support us to gain „Spire Gold“ on a regularly base.

Based on the situation that a lot of end-chapter players are quitting the game or taking a break, we like to ask YOU, if you are interested to join our Fellowship.

We are an international guild and offer a friendly and calm environment.

We have different KP chains to increase our Ancient Wonders fast.

We reach weekly 10th chest plus in the tournament, the contribution with a minimum of 1000 points is mandatory.

We have 9 KP’s free per day, working on 10.

Fast none-cross-tier trades.

Quick help and sharing information are normal.

If you are interested or need more information, please send an in-game message to me.

Kind regards and happy gaming

Brummi (Brummbaer)