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Other Swap runes from AW that are in level 30.


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When an AW is in level 30, the runes are no longer needed.
I have an AW in level 30 with 70 runes.
Would like to be able to use them in another AW.

When I exchange KP with others in the Fellowship I don't want to put in their AW where my same AW is in lvl 30.
For what do I need with more KP for a wonder I have in the maximum.


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at some point in the future, wonders will be upgradable to lvl 35. (already in gamefiles). So you might wanna keep those runes for a bit longer.


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Nice to know.
I also see that others do not want to trade with me if their AW is in level 30.

Lovec Krys

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@Heymrdiedier That only apply to players, with not so many runes.
But players with lots of runes typically doesn't need to exchange runes at all.
For example typical end game tournament city:

But yes, I support this (despite very low chance of implementing).


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BAD idea. will mess up the game. see many other threads about this.
(but i do support a 'forge' method in eg MA)