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Suche deutschsprachige Gilde zum Gütertausch


New Member
Hallo, ich bin auf der Suche nach einer deutschsprachigen Gilde, die die Turnieranforderungen, also 10er schafft, als auch wo ein aktiver Gütertausch durchgeführt wird. Habe Mondstein, Obsidan und Seife zum tauschen.


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Elvenar Team
Please remember Guys as always English only in the forum

Translation =

Hello, I'm looking for a German-speaking guild, which creates the tournament requirements, ie 10s, as well as where an active exchange of goods is carried out. Have moonstone, obsidan and soap to trade.
to scoobydoo: I find this penetrant, that you always want us to speek english here in forum !
We get no good offers, no cheaper diamonts and make many work for Inno. So let players ask in any language, when it is neccesary for them. Other peoples must not understand them !! We are not your slaves !
if rules are silly, they must be changed, not the members !

If you say, we cannot react on not-english-notices, i understand. But when a German surches other Germans, what is wrong on writing german??


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Elvenar Team
I have now explained the rules a couple of times to you and explained that the rules will not be changing