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(Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!


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For now there is just "Donated by the Constructs, pick it up from your Trader" description, same as for unurium. Maybe that's a copy-pasted thing that will be changed later.

Enevhar Aldarion

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That was the point, you need a wonder to be able to get trough the last chapter because your trader is overworked, so now we get more need for the already overworked trader

And that is why the evolving building from the current event will be big with people needing Unurium. I think a level 10 will give a chapter 20 player 9-10k unurium per day.

Lovec Krys

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Which is just enough to run one 3h ascended production.

Seems that instead of giving us a new type of building they decided to add a new resource to the one which will slow us down the most.
I'll manage, but how many players quit this time?
(wait since they make money mostly on players within the first months of their playing time, they probably don't care).


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new prod like this ? :) :) :) :)

Capture d’écran 2023-01-23 085143.png


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They finally cleaned up client files from all outdated spire versions and event chests older than 2022... Not sure if it will help much with increasing hardware requirements of the game, though.


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Each chest costs 1 "Season Blessing", not sure how many of them we will get.
chest idpercentagetypesubTtypeamount
5buildingIce Slide1
10buildingActive Crevice1
5buildingVallorian Valor1
10itemLight Ranged Training Grounds Brigade1
25itemLight Melee Mercenary Battalion1
35itemLight Melee Training Grounds Platoon1
5buildingLonely Scarecrow1
10buildingA sleighful of Ice Cubes1
25buildingDelicious Gingerbread Men1
25buildingEggshell Pavilion1
35itemCoin Rain 15%1
5buildingFlourishing Nut Cave1
10buildingActive Crevice1
5buildingVallorian Valor1
10itemHeavy Ranged Training Grounds Brigade1
25itemHeavy Ranged Mercenary Battalion1
25itemLight Melee Training Grounds Platoon1
35itemLight Ranged Platoon1
5itemPortal Profit 15%1
10buildingGolem Cave1
25buildingGates to the Depths1
25buildingHedge-Bearded Treant1
35itemCoin Rain 15%1
2 weeks before it will be possible to gain them, so can be changed.


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[... table snipped...]
@Karvest : Info much appreciated, as always! Just a couple of questions about contents of the table, though? Does 'frog_standard_q_2_plus_0' (and similar) mean T2+0 Goods etc.? And if so, are the listed amounts correct - they seem inconsistent between sub-types? Thanks in advance.


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frog are chapter-related rewards frog_standard_q_2_plus_0 mean supplies for ch1/2, t1 for ch3 and t2+0 for later chapters, with different amounts, of course. And the amount of frogs in the table - is multiplication of that base amount.
Consistency is not the thing favored by Inno.=)
And again, these numbers, and even the whole chest content can be changed a lot before we can actually get it.
They are doing significant balancing changes for upcoming event at less than hour before it starts...
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