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Answered Spire diplomacy discount of the Astral Phoenix.


Active Member
It looks like I can have a couple of Astral Phoenix. Will the 'Spire diplomacy discount' of the Astral Phoenix add up. For example 2 Phoenix at level 10 would give me 20% discount when given food?


Active Member
Hi @reinhardz apologies for not replying here sooner... yes, the bonuses from a fed Astral Phoenix do stack (so 2 Phoenix at level 10 would indeed give you 20% discount when given food)
Thanks for you answer. Would that even mean I could have 10 Astral Phoenix and get 100% discount when fed all of them?

Amy Steele

Forum/QA Moderator
Elvenar Team
In theory, yes, I believe so. However, for now I think the maximum Astral Phoenixes one could obtain from the Realm of the Phoenix event was 2