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Set buildings.


If I see it correctly you will need 8x8 or maybe 8x7 space for the set of 4 buildings. That is a lot of space :eek:
The buf must be incredibly high, otherwise it will become a waist of space :oops:


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Only 1 of the winter set buildings appears to be shown as a prize (the 2nd prize). The other 3 may show up as daily prizes. So if you are low on keys when one of them appears you will be in bad shape. Or maybe you will be able to buy extra keys.
Not sure if the rewards for the set will be worth it. I wish they would tell us in advance so we would know if it was worth it.


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1. Gain a small amount of Coins (77500) - reward 10 Frozen Keys + 1000 Coins
2. Spend 2 Knowledge Points - reward 10 Frozen Keys + 300 Supplies
3. Gain a small amount of Supplies (10 080) - reward 11 Frozen Keys + 500 Supplies
4. Gain 3 relics - 11 Frozen Keys + 1500 Coins
5. Train 10 units - 11 Frozen Keys +400 Supplies
6. Produce beverages 2 times - 11 Frozen Keys + 3000 Coins
7. Buy 1 knowledge point - 12 Frozen Keys + 700 Supplies
8. Gain small amount of marble - 12 Frozen Keys + 5000 coins
9. Gain small of planks - 12 Frozen Keys + 3000 supplies
10. Gain small of steel - 12 Frozen Keys + 1 x1 0% coin rain
11. Gain small amount of coins - 13 Frozen Keys + 1 x 10% supply windfall
12. Gain 3 enchantments - 13 Frozen Keys
13. Gain a decent amt of supplies - 13 Frozen Keys
14. Scout 1 province or upgrade 1 building to level 14 or higher - 14 Frozen Keys
15. ---- More as it comes out
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only 1 set = 4 buildings from that picture
It seems the opposite corner one do not attached to 2nd grand prize
so it is 3 buildings ( include 2nd grand prize)

it is only the 2nd grand prize give .....
other buildings.....seems pop up as "daily prize to be won"...

if u do not won it, possible a BYE-BYE


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Ok, so the other 3 set buildings are coming as daily prizes.
set buildings must touch each other to get the bonus.
Can you get more than 1 of a set type?
Like #1,2,2,3,4?
If so, so you get bonuses for both #2 buildings provided they also touch?
Which building needs a road?


@Marindor I took a sneak peak on the Gems site, and I wonder if you have 4 of the same set buildings, do you still get the max set bonus, so 3 for all?

I'm not particularly interested in getting t1 goods, coins or supplies as a bonus, but I would sure like to get lots of mana as a bonus :D
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