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Serenity accepting new players and casual members for the time being


Later on, when the fellowship will have a decent number of active members, there will be requirements for new members from that point on (exact requirements not decided yet).

Newbies welcome.
Casual players also accepted as long as they do not go fully inactive.

Being in a Fellowship gives you the benefit of daily 'Neighourly Help' with all its members (otherwise it only works with players you have 'discovered' on the world map); this can be very useful to new players to get more coins early on.

Main fellowship language is English on this server, but French is also accepted.


Just gone through several pages in the rankings, checking on many players currently without a fellowship, but I suspect they have all gone inactive.
I never send random initation, I talk first to check if the player is both still active, and interested into joining.

Anyway, recruiting seem to be a global issue now, with this server currently depopulating fast...


Anyway, recruiting seem to be a global issue now, with this server currently depopulating fast.
Over the past 28 days the number of Beta cities has indeed been gradually dropping, from 13,776 down to 11,179, or 18%, but I would expect those number to jump abruptly when we are able to test the Guest Races.

The more interesting number is Server Maturity, by which I mean the score of the 75th percentile ranking player.
For Beta that score has gone up from 12,620 to 16,768, and it's not attributable to the top scores which have only gone up 750 points.
For comparison:
zz1 75th percentile is at 16,768 (You'll be around 30,000 when you complete your Tech Tree)
us1 75th percentile is at 322 (An Armory and a Trader)
us2 75th percentile is at 159 (A Goods building)
en1 75th percentile is at 329 (And Armory and a Trader)