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User Interface Researches for new players


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I've seen a few months ago that, for new players, there were research to complete to have fellowship/tournament/spire access.

It would be *really useful* if those researches actually showed up for every player (possibly already completed for those of us who have been playing for a while !)

Right now, it's 100% annoying to help new players with it, since I don't even have an idea in which chapter those researches stand, since I don't have them (bonus: I discovered that they are per-account, apparently, since a new city in another world, just for testing, already has those capabilities).


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Maybe you could ask those players?
We are talking about "new players" who do not know the full game. Telling them "hey you should participate in the spire/tournament" is likely to result in a few ???? messages.

Whereas being able to step "in their shoes", so to speak, would be so much more useful.

Taking your reply as a passive/aggressive comment: there are enough opportunities to interact in a positive way in the game when all parties have (potentially) full knowledge of what's going on without needing to artificially restrict information to foster communication.

Dorfl the Clay

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Right now, it's 100% annoying to help new players with it, since I don't even have an idea in which chapter those researches stand,
My remark was well intended and definitely NOT as passive/aggresive comment.. I meant that maybe you could ask the players that you are trying to help, could inform you in which chapter those researches are that they have trouble with... that was all. Any other interpretation of my comment is completely your own doing!


I think, because the research points are different, the tree will not change for older players.
Asking is the best option.
I have just started here (currently chapter 2) and can say that He full functionality is reached after chapter 5.
Some milestones:
1. Neighbourhood, Fellowships
2. Academy with 2 charms only, Felloship adventure
3. Academy-crafting
4. Turnament
5. Spire, Academy-couldron


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@ayvinul Thank you for starting this thread! Your frustration is understandable and there are probably a lot of players that think the same way.
But realistically, I don't think the team will touch the researches after they just reworked the research tree this year.
That's why reject your idea, BUT it doesn't mean we won't keep it in mind if we are asked for feedback about retention of players (because we can also see it the other way around, players shouldn't have the need to ask you out)! So thank you very much for bringing this in for discussion!