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Answered Research window buttons in reverse order for Live and Beta?

Lady Croft

Active Member
I noticed that the research tech window in Beta was different to normal when I went to use 4 single KP for the event quest, and the single button was in the middle, the higher balance to the right - both green buttons - and the diamond option blue button took the left position, whereas it was previously like the live set up.
Is this deliberate? It's not a game breaker, but throws me each time... and I almost hit the blue button... Any chance we can have it put back to the same as the live way round?


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Lady Croft

Active Member
Hmm... either way, it could do with being put back as it was. I guess we'll get used to it, like all changes.
PS what's a CM?

Amy Steele

Forum/QA Moderator
Elvenar Team
what's a CM?
A CM is a Community Manager. Each server/language version (such as Beta, US, DE etc) usually has one. They are appointed by InnoGames and are responsible for running the moderator team, and generally looking after the version that they manage. Sometimes a server with a larger community will have a Co-Community manager, as the role becomes too much for 1 person to handle

Deadeye Jerry is the beta Community Manager