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Release Notes version 0.9


Elvenar Team

Dear Humans and Elves,

Today, we bring you our newest version of the game, which consists of a lot of bug fixes. We hope you enjoy our newest version! Please find the full changelog down below.

  • The quest 'Produce All Goods' has now different requirements and can be completed properly
  • Military units should now no longer ignore obstacles in the terrain
  • The tooltip in the neighborly help shows the correct cooldown timer
  • An alignment issue with unit health bars has been fixed
  • Elvenar is now properly displayed on 4k monitors and 27" Mac displays
  • The quest "Research the Planks Manufactory" now actually asks you to research the plank manufactory
  • Battle speed should now be saved across fights
  • Rankings should now be updated in all places
  • Trying to send your units to an already occupied spot on the battle map should no longer cause an error
  • The tooltip for the Armory is now big enough for the text it contains
  • Fixed the incorrect error message being delivered when sending a message to yourself
  • The alignment of the Knowledge Points bar and the timer for the next Knowledge Point has been improved
  • Filters in the Trader should now stay in place after accepting an offer
  • Trading with players you discovered on the map should now always be possible
  • The information in the tooltips of manufactories that are under construction has been improved
  • Alignment of text in reward screens has been improved
  • Buildings that are under construction in the town of a player you visit now show correctly
  • The Barracks screen should now display correctly, even if the training queue is full
  • If you solve the last encounter in a province by force, it now updates the cleared provinces counter correctly
  • Spending Knowledge Points one by one should no longer cause errors
  • The Builder's Hut no longer freezes when building Residences.

Please let us know what you think in the discussion thread for this update. We're looking forward to your feedback!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team