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Not a Bug Questgiver


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Since this 2nd event started i miss 1 of my normal Questgiver


I like to get that back instead of a 2nd Event.



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Thanks for your answer but that is really stupid because i dont care of the events.

I like to replace the event ones with the normal ones.


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There is nothing 'stupid' about it..
some will give Diamonds when you reach higher chapters, so yes, its stupid for all starting to play the game and those which arent there

and there can be more than 5 Questgiver, so there is no problem to let all there and no need to delete 1

By the way, most players dont care about the other Questgiver with the Main Story too, so why not delete this one too?



For sure, there is not enough place, delete them all ;)

Think i can store more of them till the event is over
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