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Question Quêtes saisonnières (Seasons Quests)


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Il n’y a pas de prise en compte des réalisations sur les options 9 h
Aussi bien en quête journalière comme hebdomadaire.


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Attention tu dois écrire en Anglais ici... C'est le forum béta.

Et Le mieux c'est de s'adresser au support (en Anglais) qui te diras si tu as bien lancé les bonnes options.

You must write in English here... This is the beta forum.

And the best thing to do is to contact support, who will tell you if you've selected the right options.

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Les réalisations sur les options 9h ne sont pas prises en compte
Quêtes quotidiennes et hebdomadaires.

Translation (using Google translate)
Good morning

Achievements on 9h options are not taken into account

Daily and weekly quests.

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Reason: Not in English. Translation provided


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Hi @elwingil
Welcome to the forum! As Biloutte91 has said above:
You must write in English here... This is the beta forum.

The language used on this forum is English only. Posts in other languages may be deleted.

Regarding your problem, as advised by Biloutte91 above, the best thing to do is to contact our support team via a ticket. You can do that from your settings menu in the game, or from the link at the bottom of the main index page of this forum.

Please be aware that tickets should also be submitted in English. You may of course use a translator app to assist you with this, just as I did when editing your post above.

My thanks to both @Brummbaer and @Biloutte91 for their assistance with this matter


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Achievements are not taken into account for the 9 h options.
both in daily and weekly quest.
Hello @elwingil I guess you have ment the saison quests.

Some of those quests ask for 9 or 3h production in general like in this example...


...and other quests are asking especially for basic goods production for the 9h option.

Maybe you didn't collect the production that was asked for - basic goods are: Marble, Steel and Planks ;)