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Provinces, battles and the effect for the "game"


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Uppermost ...
... I would like to ask everyone who won battle in twelfth, or next round of map of provincies ... please write here!!!

Who can use the brilliant new battle system from 12th round and next ???

It was simple question for players.... but I ve got question for developers, too.

Why in GAME IS an important part of the overall entertainment - unplayable!!! - from a certain point and why Inno does not interfere at all ??? Doesnt need an older players or a greater cities???

The time of orcs and attempts to create new rules were (what we will say :)) once a major disaster. Battles in the province, trader, through bug and bug, overpriced .... hmhhhh ... actually all ....
... all this is overshadowed ( not only ) the fact of chaotic and very, very disagreeable orc-chapter but also the inability to offer something new and exciting for the community, which two years waiting on:
- Unaltered rules every now and then
- Solve basic and recurring bugs
- Listen to the proposals and petitions users

... People wait and wait and finish and finish and is where the problems come when someone new and someone new again what - to pay ...: D

Best regard BoreDo(o)mSon ...
... and I am goin to wait for somethin ...

I have nothing to do, here. I come in the morning, I give motivation, set production and that's all ...
Well, last question for everybody.

is this a game?


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I would like to ask everyone who won battle in twelfth, or next round of map of provincies ... please write here!!!
Hopefully you don't need to go that far.
The only reason I can see to go that far would be to find neighbors to trade with, and inno is slowly getting the player movement feature going which should solve that issue.
If you like the challenge of fighting there is still tournaments for that.


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:) Hello Soggy ... well ... many of players here are in 13th - 15th or more circle of the map. Reasons are two ( for me ) :
- city expansion ( I need not gold or diamonds for living-space in my city :))
- relics ... for example last week I hadnt silk relics which we need for Power of Provision ( small correction : here we need Crystal and Marble but in regional czech server I need silk and iron .... hmhhh strange differnce but it is the fact ) ... So on that server helped me only silk tournament :(

... and last thing ... in these circles are good points for ranking f.e. 104 points, it is not bad from 8 battles in 13th circle :)


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I calculated it a while back, and if I remember correctly clearing 6 provinces 5 times each in a tournament gets you enough relics to run your magic academy 24/7, so relics shouldn't be a problem if you do that.
I never really think about ranking in a game where people can always outrank you with their wallet, but I can see how some feel differently.
For city expansion I'm only now getting into chapter 7 so I haven't hit the space-hungry orcs yet- but so far I have had plenty of room clearing the minimum provinces


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Hello Hotofson,
I gave up fight provinces long time in the past.

Here is an example why:

My squad size: 1494
Enemy squad size: 4607

4607 Nasty Thief
2304 Brutal Ancient Orc
2304 Brutal Ancient Orc
2304 Brutal Ancient Orc
2304 Mutated Orc General
2304 Mutated Orc General

I don't know how to produce enough troops to perform 8 fights of such a kind - and win.