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Production duration on later chapters


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This is going to be VERY confrontational.
I'm sorry, but I think that what Innogames is doing with us is downright outrageous.
let's take Sentient good productions: the longest you have is 9 hours.
let's take chapter 17 small ship productions: the longest you have is 3 hours.
Seriously, innogames, this is a breach of trust.
most people start elvenar, figure out this is a slow-paced game, and do things we can to progress.
One day production is not good enough? that's fine, I will play some more.
But 3 hours production at most ?
It's expected that the game is going to be more complex the more time you spend on it.
You want to know what's wrong with the game, and why, sooner or later, people are leaving ?
It's not because the game gets more complex, it's because it becomes mind-bogingly absorbing!!!!! need to connect 3 or 4 times a day to make progress.
I mean, look at other games! they force their players to think! not to be connected all the time. Reward people for thinking strategy through, not for being mindless drones!!!


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Couldn't agree more.
Add to that endless line of events and FAs plus Tourney and Spire, now Cauldron and Seasons and one find itself stuck in an unpaid job and overtime. No wonder that people are leaving the game. If we want to be competitive, then we have to be online more than we would actually want. The suggestion to give us the possibility to get a break without losing all decaying stuff was ignored. Take all the above and multiply it by 2 or 3 or more (depending on how many cities one player has) and you will find yourself in a mad house.


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don't forget the trading mechanism for the ascended goods. You need to collect millions, while you can trade 3 times 5000 in chapter 20. If I wouldn't have invested so much time into my town and wouldn't have good fellows, I would have already left the game because of that.


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I did leave the game, and Inno forwarded this message to me as "See What You Have Missed".

This is why I left -- not respecting my time. I want to log in once or maybe twice a day at times that line up with my schedule, but that becomes prohibitive for a few situations like these.

Also, you can add: checking on the MA each time things turn over so that you don't miss out on pet food.