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READ ME Prefixes Explained

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Dear Elves and Humans,

In this thread, we would like to go over the prefixes we use in this forum section. We do this, so that everyone can easily see what a prefix means exactly. We will give a description of each possible prefix.

  • New issue - This is used when someone reports a new bug. It tells the QA Moderators that the issue has not yet been looked at by the team.
  • Investigating [QA: Name] - Once a QA Moderator starts investigating the issue, they will change the prefix into this one. This prefix includes the name of the moderator who is investigating, making it easier for both the team and the community to see who is working on a certain bug report.
  • In QA - These are issues that have been forwarded to the development team, but still require more investigation. This will normally be done in collaboration with our internal QA department.
  • Confirmed - Once the QA Moderator is able to confirm that the behaviour described in the bug report is happening, they will change the prefix to 'Confirmed'. Once it has been reported internally as well, it will receive an ID number (in the topic's title, in square brackets), and it will be moved to the 'Confirmed' subforum.
  • Fixed - Bugs that have been fixed will receive this prefix and will be moved to the 'Fixed' subforum.
  • Incomplete - If a bug report is incomplete, meaning vital information is missing and no reponse is received from the person who reported the bug, it will receive this prefix. The issue will then be archived. Once the reporter (or someone else) is able to elaborate on the issue, providing the missing information, we will take up investigation again.
  • Cannot reproduce - Bug reports containing issues that cannot be reproduced and which cannot be verified as actually happening behaviour will receive this prefix and it will be moved to the archive. Should someone be able to point out how an issue can be reproduced, we will take up investigation again.
  • Not a bug - This prefix is used for threads which describe behavior that is not actually a bug. This means that the current mechanic works as it was designed to, but that does not automatically mean that the design is perfect. In order to process a request to change the design, please post a thread in the Ideas and Suggestions forum. These issues can't be processed as bugs, as they are not bugs. These threads will be archived.
  • Duplicate - Issues of which there is already a report in the bugs forum will receive this prefix, and the thread will be closed for further replies. We will always link you to the thread that it is a duplicate of, so that you know where to continue the conversation. Duplicate threads will be archived.
  • Contact(ed) support - This prefix is used for issues that cannot be dealt with via the forum, and for which we ask the reporter to contact support instead (this will be asked explicitly in the thread). It can also be used if the person who created the thread contacted support and already had their issue solved that way. These threads will be closed and archived, as we will continue the conversation with the reporter via our support.
  • Won't fix - These are issues that will not be fixed for whatever reason.
  • Collection thread - A thread in which information is collected on a certain issue.
  • Read me - Threads that provide guidelines and useful information for the Report a Bug forum.

Should you have questions regarding any of these prefixes, please feel free to send a private message to any of the QA Moderators.

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team
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