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Polish Forum / Polskie Forum

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This is Polish Forum. Pleas speak Polish.

To jest Polskie Forum. Proszę mówić tu po Polsku ;)

Może wielu ludzi nie będzie ale zawsze warto mieć te swoje miejsce ;)

Może się przedstawicie ?

Amy Steele

Forum/QA Moderator
Elvenar Team
Hi WojciezyPL! Welcome to the forum :)

As there is only one Elvenar beta server and only one forum, one common language had to be chosen for the forum. This is so that we can all understand each other. This is especially important on a beta server where we are trying to find and fix problems with the game ahead of the release on live servers. The chosen language is English. Unfortunately this means that no other languages are allowed, even in the lounge, where things can be a little more relaxed than in other parts of the forum.


Please read forum rules!

1. Only English, please!
The language of this forum is English. Posts in other languages will be removed.

Polish Forum = Polish only
Beta = English(international) only
Not open for further replies.