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Implemented [Other] ~ The Eternity Ages ~


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Hey guys,

I want to suggest the following. In FoE we had lots of ages linked the historic ages and therefore limited in the end. Thats why elvenar is more fantasy and therefore unlimited in the ages. Right now we have just T1 research tree, tier two and so on. Seperated by color. How about some ages? just to distinct the ages from each other? I would also like to have theme based ages. Here it comes:

PS: Some things will need lots of extra work. Just imagine the graphically workload. But let us turn a good game into an awesome game guys!

Just some ages and the features what they will bring to the player. Let me first show you the different parts which are affected:


City ground

Based on the age, the ground will change. Right now its always green, let us change it in different styles based on the Research Tree.


Buildings right now have different roofs. Maybe they can fit the different ages. Would mean a lot of extra graphically work. :/

Imagine also special culture buildings just for these ages. These culture buildings will have the style of this age

Animations of the villagers

The villagers will have different clothes and will look happy in one age and sad in another.

UI Header

Only the Header will have slightly changes based on the age. :)

Research Tree

Will have a specific backgrund and special windows for each research.

Names are just fiction. I just want to give some examples :)

Age of Beginning
Everything in a friendly design. Like how it is right now. (good atmosphere) (leafes everywhere)

Age of Change
Everything more in orange color. Background looks more like Autumn. Orange leaves. Peasants on the street look more depressed. (darker atmosphere) (more dying trees and tree branches without leafes)

Age of the Great Depression
Everything in purple style. Ground looks more dead. Roofs looks more destroyed. And so on (highly depression atmosphere)

Age of Yggdrasil - Super flower style
Age of the Red Star - Burned ground ... desert style
Age of Endless Tears - Swamps and endless rain style

Come up with different designs. :DDDDDD

Side note: Right now we unlock with one research 3 or 4 Levels of a building. Extend the ages and research trees and let us just unlock one level. Therefore it would fit more with this idea. :)))

Right now its just .... one color research to another colored research called tier1 tier2 and so on. I think this is highly boring. Come up with stories who tell us a story in one research tree. Something like this. :)))

Feel free to discuss guys. Its just a suggestion as alwys. :))
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I'll leave this at "New Game Features", as it affects the city, quests and research.

If I'm correct, the current colours in the research tree already represent 'ages'. For example, the blue age for humans is connected to priests. Players have to research Priests, build five Holy Codexes (lower culture buildings) for the priests and train some priests.

However, these kind of storylines don't stand out that much. I understand that you'd like to make the ages more explicit in all ways (city, quests and research). :)


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Correct Lauwi. Thats what I mean. :)

By the way its saturday. Why are you working? Are you never sleep? :D


Don't let Khebeln see this topic. He will tell that this will cost too much money right now. Anyway I like it on one hand and on the hand not.


I really like this idea. No options like "age" in actually tree technologies is kinda boring. We must make new technologies but without any specialized like in FoE example. Maybe do not make ages as in FoE, maybe make something else "better" for THIS game because I think ages in Elvenar doesn't make sense. Except when this ages would be suitable for fantasy world with elves and humans.


I think it should be something from fantasy world not like "Bronze age" etc
Maybe someone has some suggestion what that could be? :)


How about the Chaos Age as first? Things aren't set in a natural way yet. People can't yet decide between military or trading and later on the cities get a more warlike look or a peaceful. The warlike rulers will get desert lands and their people will be a tad sadfaced or drunk. The traders get a beautiful land.


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Elvenar Team
With the Guest Race chapters, we go back in time a little further each Chapter to reveal more about the history of Elvenar... So basically this idea is exactly what we're doing :)