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Implemented no mouseover text in neighbouring cities


Much like the title says:
When I visit one of my neighbours, none of the buildings there has a mouseover text. This happens all the time.

Of course, some buildings I recognise, but I'd really like to know what all the buildings are and at what level, so that I'd know what to boost (or what not to boost :p). It's especially difficult when you visit a city of the other race/species!

I know this exists in FoE, and it would be nice if it were implemented here as well.

If this is not a bug, could this please be moved to ideas & suggestions? Thanks! :D

Amy Steele

QA Moderator
Elvenar Team
Hi Tintagel, this is indeed not a bug :)

It is however a great suggestion, so I'm moving this thread to the Ideas and suggestions section.

btw +1 from me - I would love to know what all those buildings are :)


I like this idea. I see lots of stuff in Elvish villages and have no idea what they are ^^


Agreed for the humans ^^
Would like to know what the others have
Maybe we should exchange information :rolleyes:


That would be cool, right now I don't have a clue abour what's going on on an elven city by the look of it. And I cant really tell those human buildings which are levelled above mine.


Glad to see quite a few players supporting this :D
I know it's not game-breaking, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed we get this soon ^^


Well-Known Member
this is a plus two...I have visited other members cities who are higher up then me to get a look at my city's possible future...have not a clue what I was looking at....found it easy to distinguish between the elves and humans but would like to know what buildings I am looking at...