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Not a Bug No game board for the winter event


I must be an isolated case, but I can earn keys in the winter event, but don’t see the link for the board to spend them.

I am working on and apple iPad iOS system.

Any suggestions.



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please see the announcement: you need version 1.117 on mobile devices

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that there can always be differences in event layouts, balancing and prizes between Beta and Live release. App version 1.117 is required for the event to function properly. This app version is released separately from the event. In addition to that, please note that the final day of the event spans more than 24 hours, in order to not have the event end during the night (CET). That means the Daily Exclusive on December 14th is the final Daily Exclusive reward that is also available for some more hours in the morning (CET) of December 15th. No new event quest is added to the quest line on December 15th, the final Quest Milestone can be unlocked on December 14th.
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for example, I had no update availalbe, till today, just 5 mins ago appeared, and it did not even notify me, I had to open "Elvenar" app page on the AppleStore, and then I saw update button. Now I have the newest version, and seems like it is working finally. Hope this helps to those who has the same issues with update as me


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The newest app version has also just come throught to me in the app store for IOS and it is 1.117.3