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My guess server is still checks for old SSS effect and refuse to start training if you have less armories than it's needed to achieve same training SS as with current SSS effect we see in client.
this SSS change is awful... what the purpose of making it the same as DB but with different troops trained?
Hi @Karvest ! Can you add some more info? I know that SS is Squad Size, but what about SSS, SSS effect, how it impacts training, how many armories are needed to train, what is DB? If it is relevant, I play only on pc. Thank you :)


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SSS = Shrine of the Shrewdy Shrooms, DB = Dwarven Bulwark. SSS was increasing training group size based on armory levels you have, now it's based on your SS same as DB. I need more than x2 armories now to be able to use 20h instants in barracks again.
Quoted guess was wrong, that looks more like a rounding issue. On PC it's not a problem as you can select a bit less then max possible amount of units to train and it will be started successfully even if you are affected by that bug and can't start training the full slot.
By playing with additional small armories you can make it start for some units in app too.


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so are they punishing us with the AW change because we don't want to use discord, this change seem very excessive on their part and a lot of people may quit the game.

Needing RR, cc and spell fragments for all the AWs seems pretty ridiculous and unfair.

While I do have an excess of spell fragments, I usually spend the RR as soon as I get them. So unless they come up with another way to get RR, doesn't look like any AWs will be upgraded anytime soon.

My main account ended chap 21 with over a million spellfrags. So I started on both the Chap 21 Aws. Now I'm down to just about 320.000 spellfrags and both of them are about lvl 18. So with just 2 AWs needing spellfrags my stock dropped by almost 700.000, to get both aboudt midlevel.
Please explain to me how a beginning player who wants to focus on say...GA and MM is supposed to even begin to get enough frags to get any use out of these AWs? Or any others for that matter.
My ch. 21 city on EN3 has been trading just about anything in inventory for spell fragments for quite a while now. I am constantly running out. Tinlug manages to keep me afloat for CCs, but a smaller city just can’t do enough tournament provinces to keep up. I am very slowly upgrading the Vallorian School of Sorcery, but will probably stop soon (currently at level 12), as the costs just outweigh the rewards. I did try the Antique Shop, but stopped at about level 8 - it’s not worth the cost of upgrading, but I also don’t want to trash it and lose the resources invested.


even with the update still -/- 380K culture :-(
So I still can't do anything in my city, except tear down half the city. Of course I'm not going to do that...
I really hope that this will be reversed, because this cannot be solved so quickly. If something needs to be adjusted, we would like compensation for the investment we have made for years to get the city as it is now. And in addition to that compensation, my proposal would be that Inno gradually adjusts the rewards, so that players can adjust their city step by step.
It appears that they intend to intentionally end the game. A few players from my FS are also contemplating quitting, and one has actually quit after the tournament.
Yes, a good chunk of my FS will also be gone if these changes are not reversed. The cost of upgrading AWs is now just impossible for everyone (none of us are endgame players, we are all still building up our cities), but it is worst for smaller cities. We get 10 chests in the tournament and silver in the spire each week, but it is nowhere near enough to keep up with the new requirements.


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It appears that they intend to intentionally end the game. A few players from my FS are also contemplating quitting, and one has actually quit after the tournament.
That is my thought too. They intentionally ruin the game and then will use the dropping number of players as an excuse to completely pull the plug. A very dishonest and cowardly way of saying they don't want it to continue.
This change mostly hurts newer and smaller players, so they effectively are cutting off any growth in the playerbase. Midgame-players won't be able to get enough resources, so I expect a fair number of those to quit.


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These changes are hurting those players who weren't fortunate to get more than one Moonstone Library sets. One of my Mages made a calculation, considering the Spire done to the top and 1 set, would need 87 weeks to upgrade a wonder from lvl.1 to 31. This is totally INSANE!!!! One year a half for one freaking wonder? Is there at Inno at least ONE DEV who actually play this game????
Now I am losing player after player - old players (in my main FS in en2) with experience but unfortunate to have just 1 Moonstone set.

@InnoGames - just close the damn game, if this is your intention, don't torment us! :mad:


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Now I am losing player after player - old players
Me too, especially on my Live-Servers. People I used to play with for years left. Very sad!

Big Parts of German Community who haven't yet left the game, laid their game down the whole weekend to protest against them changes and are planning to do this again and again.

What will I do when all my fellows will be gone one day - I guess I will have to quit too.

To me it is nearly impossible to escape that bad-mood in which Elvenar now is and maybe will stay for longer.

In the past years logging in to Elvenar was always great fun to me. At the moment it is just sad - Very sad! :(