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New mobile building commands

What do folks think of the new commands in the mobile version of the game?

I really like the option to program all of my workshops at once. I wish my manufactories had the same ability.

The right and left arrows are confusing at first but seem OK.


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This is awesome! Didn't know we had this available.:)
I just noticed that we can start our manufactures from the "produce" windows, by clicking the green arrow to switch manufactures. I don't know if this is a new feature or not. I don't like the order it is going to move from one manufacture to another. I would prefer it would be by manufacture level instead of by city layout, as I have mini manufactures everywhere for events and FA.
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I love the workshops command, it will be really handy for adventures :) And the arrows for the factories work really well, no factory has stood unloaded since the advent of this wonderful thing :)


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You lost me...
I was just looking at android version, couldn't find the functionality you are talking about, I think I have the latest version. Are you talking about ios version ? haven't used it lately.

Maybe someone could post some screenshots or some other pointers.

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It is in test only in some players. two cities on beta, only on 1

for the workshops you can select all by checking "Start all"

for the manufactury it's one by one with the blue arrows
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Thx Biloutte91 - found it now.

I'd like to have an option to give production orders to all factories of the same kind just like workshops... eg. all crystal factories 9h production *check*. At the same time keeping the option to give individual commands to these factories as someone mentioned in certain occasions you have your city full of production buildings - maybe of same type but producing different stuff (in these case the arrow system would suffice).
Also could it be possible to extend the arrow system so that you could move from one factory type to another - most of us go clicking around city once or twice a day giving orders to all factories.
Btw it works giving commands to guest race production facilities also - that's nice.