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Discussion New Feature - Fellowship Progression


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Please, is there any explanation of each Perk when you hover over it?
yes (example)

little bee

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I hope there will be an ingame warning about the cooldown, when this hits live. Especially if it means that you cannot even get the solo rewards from tournament and spire. Otherwise there will be a lot of frustrated players.
Also getting kicked from a fellowship is going to become a lot more painfull, unless it is timed perfectly. I can see this leading to a lot of bad blood.
Personally, I would prefer it, if the cooldown only refered to your activities counting towards guild perks.


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It would be a cool perk if every fellow would get a pet food per week. As there are a lot of fighting related exp points. I know I'm too hyped and greedy :D but it would be amazing. The spire and tourney points would skyrocket. As phoenix and bear bases and artifacts are craftable.


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Very strange decision. So now the only time you can change FS without loosing benefits is sunday morning...
Ha! For me it is Saturday afternoon when most players in the European timezone are winding down for bed, until 8am the next morning. I am usually just getting out of bed when Spire launches.


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Anyway, a very small timeframe available for that, 90% of the week you can't change FS membership without consequences.


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For a while today when I gave neighbourly help to people who had helped me, instead of getting tools with my coins I was getting the little hearts. I wondered what they were for but it stopped after a while so I assumed it was just a temporary bug



"knowledge sharing" should change to "free XX diamond each day" , XX change according to fellowship level, the higher the level , the more diamond of that fellowship will earn for each member, we can have kp from tournament, coins, boost-resource easily, giving any more kp is very un-attractive and non-sense to player

"tournament archive" and "spire archive" will help those fellowship who facing another lift due to insufficient to advance
. The "store points" will provide a chance for those fellowship can climb higher in next round

"advanced help", another crap.......do player need "extension of time" ? we have "ancient wonder" who are able to do "too much in time that we need", I would prefer "advanced help" is something like, "amount of chest increased", for example, each player usually have 3 chest per day during visit, fellowship level increase it by 1 to 4, fellowship level 4, increase another 1 to 5, for every ? level, increase chest amount by 1...

The above is for "fellowship progressive"...
do Inno consider to develop another "player points progressive", so to encourage player to play more....
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