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New appearance of the city


Bit late, I'm already done with event. :oops: On live servers there is a problem with positioning, can't see turtle in bottom right corner and my city if floating over the edge on top side and is in the see on right side. :eek:

Lovec Krys

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@Karvest Will we feed sharks?:)

(sorry for non english in original post, forget that I was writing on beta forum)
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And it seems we will get a row of new expansions on the right hand side :) near the turtle :) but i love the graphics - is this an hint for the next race???


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is this an hint for the next race???
I reckon it's setting the theme for the mermaid mini event we just had on beta and is about to hit live servers, and a related mermaid/ocean themed major event after it, which will formally introduce the Spire to the live servers. Just my theory.