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User Interface Neighbours listed in table form


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Seeing as how we have the wonderful new neighbourly help system, could we get a window similar to the members tab of our fellowships that instead lists all our neighbours. Much like the fellowship members list, it would have buttons to give NH or visit the cities, which would allow us to click through all the neighbourly help reasonably rapidly, just as we already do for our fellows.

It could perhaps be ordered according to how recently someone has given us NH, meaning all the golden hands will be at the start of the list, so if we didn't want to visit ALL our neighbours it would be reasonably convenient to just visit the ones who have visited us.

Maybe it could look something like this?



I would like to use in beta new neighbourly help system !!! why not for me?

Deleted User - 86059

Hi @annandra the new system is still in the testing phase and only half of players have it at this time. But hopefully soon it will role out to all players ;)