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Narnia's Land - 10 chest fellowship recruiting


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Narnia's Land is a high-achieving, friendly and supportive fellowship that is looking for like-minded players. We pride ourselves in providing a happy and friendly environment to game in, where we help each other out, have fun, make friends, and work together to achieve lots of rewards.

Our members enjoy the following benefits:
- at least 10 chests in every tournament
- 3 chests in every Adventure
- silver medal in every spire
- several very active KP exchange threads
- friendly and supportive community
- easy access to trades

We are looking for players who are able and willing to make reasonable contributions to our fellowship on a regular basis, with preference given to those who can demonstrate a history of doing so. This doesn't necessarily mean you need to be an established city with a long history of high tournament scores. We will equally consider things like newer cities if they have accounts on other servers where they can show reasonable regular contributions, or cities from semi-active fellowships that are keen to achieve more.

If this sounds like the sort of fellowship for you, send me a message in-game with a brief explanation of why you think you'd be a good choice to join us, and any questions you might have, and I'll be happy to help out any way I can. :)

We currently have 1 place available.
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1 place has just become available. Any size city is welcome, any boosts. You just have to be keen. :)
These days we are regularly achieving higher than 10 chests in the tournament. 11 or 12 is typical.