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New Game Features Motivate fellowship for the fellowship adventure


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the fellowship adventure is a beautiful novelty but only the first 3 places are really rewarding.
For fellowship which can not finish at the top of the classification there is no interest in making more than a way for 3 safes (finish in the 4th or in the 40th do not change much) to motivate fellowship I thought of 2 solutions:

-Put 4th one safe with ways much more difficult than the others who will give a real effort of coordination for fellowship which want to have this 4th beautiful reward

-Keep the principle of 3 safes but modified the value of the rewards according to the number of way completely freed. For example the magical mana hut shall give 300 culture and 3000 mana if a freed way, 400 culture and 4000 mana if 2 freed ways, 500 culture and 5000 mana if 3 completely freed ways.


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Elvenar Team
As the FA's will regularly differ in setup and rewards, this is not really an idea we can do much with so I'll archive this thread now and will forward the feedback on the value of prizes on place 4 and lower as general feedback :)