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Events More interactive event mechanics


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This idea I would like to present here is lying in my head for a very long time, keeping it there for only reason - I hoped developers will realise the misery of current system and make a change themselves, but as I see, this is not going to happen.

The root of this idea stands on the simple fact - repetitive quests in events and questlines. A long time ago, during one of live Q&A's, I asked, if they are thinking about making more variacy in quests. Their answer was something like "we´re currently implementing some of new quests types", which have finally revealed only other event trash quests we have been doing all the time.

collect coins
collect supplies
produce beverages, simple tools, bread...
produce marble mosaic, giant globe, wood figures...
solve encounters
complete province, scout province
research a technology
buy KPs, use KPs...

.. and I could continue

Despite the fact that every event or questline has a unique story, unique characters or graphics, players are still doing the same thing - because of these quests, whose tasks can players do whenever they want. They don´t bring nothing special into event, nothing player could say "this questline was specific and interactive for that event" or "what am I doing really makes a logic for the event story".

What I suggest in this idea, might be very drastic, and that's why would I like to see also other players feedback - complete removal of almost all current quests and replacing them with this:

Event mechanics based on well-known settlement systems. This is only one of scenarios which could help making events more interesting and in case of this one, it´s quiet simple to explain, what do I imagine when I say "more variacy in event quests".

Each event could bring a new settlement; well, we would not call this settlement, but let´s say, "event factory center" (it could also work as a set, at least with a need to all building being connected (not talking about link bonuses now)).

My attempt to explain how do I imagine such an interactive event:
Let´s consider last winter event (winter magic), using this scenario. In the beginning, every player would get one of the producing buildings of elvenade (and other, new resources necessary for its production (like flavour and bottles)). Each of those set buildings would be a production building of one of these resources, where elvenade would be a final product needed to be delivered in order to progress in the event. Players would produce these resources and products and deliver them into event window, to gain rewards. During the event, players could also choose to buy and build more of these production buildings (as we upgrade our settlement buildings when making progress in tech tree), to speed the production up (also concluding the increasing number of needed elvenades later in the event progress).
Additional question - why should developers spend time with creating only event-duration production buildings? My suggestion - creating some spell, obtainable only in that event, whose purpose would be to exchange the stats of the building to regular ones we know from usual event buildings. These could be one of the solutions for the problem of players removing event production buildings immediately after the event ends. Consider this as not an important port of this idea.

More important one, you probably started to think about - space. Why should it be obligatory to use additional space for event completing?
Although I compare "event production center" with settlements, I do not mean keeping its size the same. In case of event, the max size of buildings could be like 3x3, and only for some of them (main ones, like the production of elvenade ^^).
And to be honest, I don't remember myself doing any event without building additional manufactories, whose sum size is usually even bigger.

Conclusion: I find this idea and suggested event mechanic very adjustable and also very unique and fresh for every event. And that's how do I imagine event - I'm doing something special, something I will not be able to do after the event ends, and I also couldn't before.


+1 love this idea, but space is something to consider. How about if there is a building that shows up on the side of the mountains (like certain wonders) and you click that and enter the event area, where you would build these event buildings? or in the distance like the spire?


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I really like this idea. It sounds like a lot of fun, and I would really enjoy the events a lot more if they were structured like this. My biggest concern is the space aspect, as I have definitely had events come along where it was literally impossible to put in many (or any) new buildings, and the best I could hope for was to just use existing workshops and such. This isn't a reason to reject the idea, just to tweak it a bit. Soleil's idea of a special event area just for the event production buildings is one possible solution that could work well. This could perhaps be implemented as a graphic of a traveller's camp located in the forest at the edge of our cities.


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Suggestion added by @soleil sounds like one of really good space problem solutions. It could be also implemented as "event playfield" and everytime with different, unique graphics and background, related to event topic and story.
Anyway, this could result in events being completely moved out of our city, and I guess this is not what do developers want to reach (and also we, when talking about event story and our participating in it's completing). Therefore, some way to connect such a playfield with our city (from event story aspect), would be desirable.
Here I have 2 of possible solutions of this deficiency:
1. Some of resources obtainable from our main city (needed to be processed in event playfield for final products). Good choice would be ones appearing in outskirts of our city (no need to build production buildings for them - they just appear there).
2. "Portal building", whose purpose would be to get an access from city to event playfield and also for launching some delivery system of event resources, between these two.


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This suggestion has already been made in the past and forwarded. I will archive this thread now :)