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Not a Bug Missing some set buildings connection bonuses


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Game version: v1.130-beta.8-(191f190) - html5 (2021-05-18 09:06)
Game world: Beta 1
Browser/IOS/Android + version:
Operating System or Mobile Device: Windows 10
Screen resolution:
Account name:[/B] iDavis
Humans or Elves: Humans


Quest title: (if applicable)

Current situation:
New set in Sorcerer´s Pilgrimage event is missing connection bonuses for two buildings - Pilgrim´s Manor Tree Entrance and Pilgrim´s Manor Fountain Entrance. Technically they are given the set values, but are connected to culture and population (as these are the only productions of these buildings) and that has never happened with any set building before, so it doesn´t seem to be correctly working now.

Expected situation:
All the buildings from the set have connection bonuses available. So in case of these two, the culture and/or population should be increased once they are connected to the other buildings from the set (or it might end up that these buildings won´t have a connection bonuses at all and they´ll be just for getting a bonuses for others, if it turns out to be intended..).


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We double checked this with Game Design and these buildings are intended to only count as set buildings for the other buildings, but not give an extra bonus themselves.