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City Mining - more space


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Introduce mines.

Upgrading mines will cost a lot, but for every lvl, you get a 3D square (in this case; 1square 'down')

Keep mining for 9 lv's and we can place a candytree on a mine.

Keep mining even further and we can place bigger buildings.

It must cost a massive amount (each lvl more) so: use bars to fill it, so we can add stuff slowly.

Yogi Dave

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I've read your proposal several times and have no understanding what it is about. I'm sure you have a vision of what you mean. Does a mine require space? What is a 3D square? Is it a 5x5 expansion? Why is 'down' in quotes? What do you mean by 'exclusive for some kinds of buildings'? You did mention 'candytree'. Is that an exclusive building? What is the 'cost' - coins, supplies, KP or something else? What are 'bars'? Totally confused. I can't get a glimmer of a vision from what you have posted so far.


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the game is 2D; along x and y axes.
3D means 3rd dimension; my 'down'; meaning; going into the ground.
So; when I mean that you can mine 9x the same spot; digging a deep mine, you need 1square instead of the normal 3x3squares (needed for a father glitter tree or so)

Deleted User - 88256

I think if you mine 1 square 9 times, you should be able to put nine 1×1s but not a 3×3. Not even a 1×9 or 9×1 because it would be rotate building.


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call it a mine, call it a 4dimensional space (so it won't matter what the original size is), that's not the point:) that are details.

the suggestion is about gaining space in a different way.


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@Richord , could you please elaborate: One of the strategic elements of a city builder, is of course the fact that you have limited space and have to puzzle to make the most out of that. If we would want to give you more space, we could just make the city grid larger, so what would the benefits of this idea be above that?


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If we would want to give you more space, we could just make the city grid larger, so what would the benefits of this idea be above that?
I don't know if this is what @Richord means, but hasn't one of the limiting factors now become the memory drain with big cities? I'm not sure if I'm on-board with the mining idea, but could this be a way to load up a new area separately to deal with the space limitation?


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expensions are for everybody the same, besides for those who pay. (way too much) (because wishing wells are taken away too)

'mines' or whatever they'll be called, give the oppertunity for active players to gain space on top of expansions.

But because they'll cost a massive amount, it should take a looooong to get some and if inno marks certain buildings instead of all, inno can contain the amount of mines.

Inno could max the amount of mines to a total of 5 OR make them unmovable; ones dug, no way back (besides selling it)
or, inno could max the deepness of the mines to a total of 5-10-15
inno could introduce a spell to make a building mineable
inno could mark certain buildings or types that can be mined
inno could introduce new buildings, only for mines (with different appearances for every lvl (must be the best of their kind obviously (eg; if it is culture, it 'must' be better than the auction to make it worth all the effort)