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Middle Earthens- Top 10 ranked Fellowship on Beta


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Hi all

We are a fantastic bunch of players and are ranked 4 with only 22 players so if you are up for some friendly fun come and join us.
We are not pushy and totally recognize there may be times when you are on holiday or are just busy as this is life. We love the game but keep it fun by not pushing people into doing more than they are comfortable with, this means we are able to keep our players and rank long term. We don't kick unless there is a long period of inactivity and players are welcome to return if we have room.

Please enjoy playing Elvenar or whats the point? :)

Veeb xxxxx

Our fellowship description :

<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Miccy was NUMBER ONE- Great going >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Welcome to the Middle Earthens- top ranked Fellowship. We have plenty of special wonders and love the tournys gaining lots of rewards for our fellows. We love the new Adventures too. We are a friendly fun fellowship, great for building up your town. We encourage Fair traders and daily aiders to help all progress. Trades placed within the fellowship are quickly taken and fun with chat is highly encouraged :)
We also have 5kp, 10kp & 15kp swap threads useful for building up your wonders.
Please ask for an invite if you are over 150k player and we will let you know if we have an inactive player spot :) steel, scrolls are currently our focus for new players but give us a try.

****We do replace inactive or non aiding players eventually so give us a try :) ******
****************Alliances are of great interest to us :)**********************

We do have some basic rules to enable teamwork and fair play.

>Daily aiding expected regularly at least 3-4 times a week
>Tourney is encouraged but we have a minimum requirement of 500-1000 if you want to take part - this is to stop players taking rewards for a few points which is unfair for the players who have made a big effort.
>Please take fellowship trades as much as you are able particularly if they ask to complete a quest etc

Thank you

---Please build up only your Boosted goods as the fellowship will trade all others for free. These are the provinces North of your town and also SE and SW. ---